All In One Account

Key Facts

This is a Current Account, which attracts a flat monthly single fee to cover your day to day banking transactions and offers embedded funeral Insurance.Product features include free salary credit, 10 ATM withdrawals, 25 leaflet cheque book, unlimited interim statement printing, free Visa Electron Debit card, 1 free external standing order, Free Telephone Banking.The funeral insurance cover, embedded in this account provides cash benefit payable on the death of the accountholder, their spouse, parents and parents-in-law, all together up to 6 people.

What is the All in One Account?

It is a current account that offers a bundle of banking transactions and services for a flat monthly fee and also provides funeral insurance benefits.

What is unique about the All in One Account?

It attracts a flat monthly fee of $10 US Dollars for the following bundle of transactions and services:

Blue Arrow - Bullet Free Salary Credit
Blue Arrow - Bullet Free ATM Transactions
Blue Arrow - Bullet One (1) Cheque book upon account opening
Blue Arrow - Bullet One (1) External Standing order
Blue Arrow - Bullet Free Internet banking
Blue Arrow - Bullet Commission on Turnover
Blue Arrow - Bullet Free SMS Alert
Blue Arrow - Bullet Free eStatement
Blue Arrow - Bullet Unlimited Free POS usage
Blue Arrow - Bullet Unlimited (internal) domestic money transfer

All other cheque book requests will attract a charge.

What Insurance Package does the All in One Account Offer?

The insurance package is an embedded funeral Insurance cover aimed at providing prompt cash pay-out to the account holder or his/her trustee to cover funeral expenses in the event of the death of the account holder, their spouse, parents or parents-in-law. This means an account holder receives an automatic insurance cover if they are within the age limits.

Product Life insurance embedded Beneficiaries Individual benefit Capital sum assured
All in One Funeral Finance Account Holder, spouse, parents and parents in law (all together 6 people) $300 US Dollars $1800 US Dollars

Where can customers get the All in One Account?

The All-In-One current account can be opened at all Branches

What are the benefits of All in One Account?

Blue Arrow - Bullet The flat monthly fee is predictable and, therefore, enables customers to budget better.
Blue Arrow - Bullet It is cost effective, in that, customers can save each month by paying a flat monthly fee of $10 US Dollars to cover the bundled transactions
Blue Arrow - Bullet The account offers a discount on fees, a free ATM card and a free cheque book
Blue Arrow - Bullet The account offers $300 US Dollars cash payout as funeral insurance cover for each of the following:

Blue Arrow - Bullet The account holder,
Blue Arrow - Bullet His/her spouse,
Blue Arrow - Bullet His/her parents,
Blue Arrow - Bullet His/her parents-in-law.
Blue Arrow - Bullet The account assures prompt claims payment on the funeral insurance cover.

How does one become an All in One Account holder?

Blue Arrow - Bullet Existing customers may simply request that their accounts should be migrated to the All-in-One current account.
Blue Arrow - Bullet New customers will simply be assisted to open the All-In-One account by going through the normal account opening process

Are there age limits?

Blue Arrow - Bullet To open an All-In-One current account, the customer should be 18 years and above.
Blue Arrow - Bullet To benefit from the embedded funeral insurance, the beneficiaries should not have exceeded the following ages at the time of the commencement of the Plan:

Blue Arrow - Bullet Account Holder and Spouse: 59yrs
Blue Arrow - Bullet Parents & Parents - in - law: 74yrs