Bank Account

The safe and convenient way to manage your money.

You work hard to earn a good living. You want to make sure your money is safe and that you can access it when it is most convenient to you. At Matro Bank Intl we understand this and that is why we have developed the Bank Account for you. The Bank Account is a transactional account for salaried earners which can be accessed 24/7 from any Visa branded ATM.


Current Account

Helping you to manage your money.

For most people, a Current Account is the key to managing their finances. So we are always looking for ways to make our Current Accounts quicker and easier to use, and to extend the support they give you. This includes a series of extra benefits and services that set Matro Bank Intl apart, backed by the kind of technical innovation you'd expect from one of the world's leading banks.

Foreign Currency Account

Fast, flexible banking available in all currencies.

Our Foreign Currency Accounts provide you with a safe and secure home for all major currencies. They offer immediate access to your funds, and they could help you reduce administration and save costs.

High Intrerest Bonus Savings Account

Making your money work for you.

You are saving money regularly, you want a good return and you want to be rewarded by your bank. At Matro Bank Intl we understand this and that's why we've developed the High Interest Bonus Savings Account for you. This account rewards you with a bonus payment on your interest earned incentivising you to save more.

Business Solution Savings Account

This is a savings account specifically designed for our Business Customers enabling them to invest funds periodically towards a future venture. The account is absolutely free of charges and fees and is linked to the Business Current Account.

Instant Savings Account

Saving for the future.
You may want to save for a number of reasons: to improve your home, to buy a car or to pay for a better education for your children. Alternatively you want the sense of security that money in the bank brings in case of unexpected expenses or possible loss of employment. At Matro Bank Intl we understand this and that's why we've developed the Instant Savings Account for you. You save and earn monthly returns whiles having access to your funds 24/7. It's really like having your cake and eating it.

Business Solution Current Account

This is a current account specifically designed to give our Business Customers (SMEs) access to a range of integrated products and services that match their day-to-day banking requirements.

Ultimate Account

The Ultimate Account with retrenchment insurance cover you for three months in the event of loss of income due to retrenchment making it the most ideal for salaried workers.