Matro Bank Intl loan

Soon it could be yours.
Whatever your heart is set on, Barclay Loan helps you to finance it fast and effectively. An unsecured loan that's easy to manage and will help spread the cost of that new car, plot or perhaps further education.

Scheme loan

As an employer, the well being of your staff is paramount to ensuring they are dedicated to delivering the required results for shareholders. Scheme Loan is a loan product which is available to employees of organisations which have signed an agreement with Matro Bank Intl to offer staff of their company loans. Because deductions toward monthly repayment are done at source, the product is less risky and is priced much cheaper than other loans offered to customers. It is convenient, easy to arrange and completely hassle free as banking is brought to the customers' door step.

Cash Secured Overdraft

For our customers who have short term borrowing needs up to one year, can borrow against cash held in their fixed deposit accounts/Treasury Bills with Matro Bank Intl . You can spread the repayments from 2 to 12 months. While your funds are held in investment earning income; you will still have access to a credit line to run their businesses.