SMS Alert

Key Facts


What is SMS ALERT?

SMS Alert is a proactive approach to providing you with your account information in real time. 

It enables you to manage your account(s) and investment(s) more efficiently. You are immediately prompted through an alert any time a transaction hits your account(s). For instance, when your loan is granted and your account is credited with the funds, SMS Alert will deliver a notice to your mobile phone. Similarly, if an unauthorised transaction is made on your account, you will know almost immediately through our SMS Alert, prompting you to contact the bank for an appropriate redress.

You will enjoy the flexibility to opt for notifications on the following transactions:

       Blue Arrow - Bullet ATM withdrawals
       Blue Arrow - Bullet Salary Pension payments
       Blue Arrow - Bullet Loan disbursement
       Blue Arrow - Bullet Cash deposits
       Blue Arrow - Bullet Cash withdrawals
       Blue Arrow - Bullet Balance on account
       Blue Arrow - Bullet Balance drops below set limits
       Blue Arrow - Bullet Standing orders
       Blue Arrow - Bullet Direct debits
       Blue Arrow - Bullet Clearing cheques.

The service offers you a great deal of convenience and saves you frequent branch visits just to make enquiries on simple transactions. SMS Alert simply keeps you informed at all times.

Getting signed on to SMS Alert

Visit the nearest Matro Bank Intl Bank branch and request for the service from a Customer Advisor or Personal Banker. It takes just 10 minutes to get signed on. It’s so easy and convenient.

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